Cue Club 2 gebruikt de meest geavanceerde technologie voor 's werelds spannendste en authentiekste arcade biljartsimulatie. Speel pool en snooker als nooit tevoren met prachtige HD-beelden, een geweldige speelbaarheid en uiterst realistische balbewegingen. Daag een groot aantal nieuwe, stijlvolle personages uit met verschillende vaardigheden, van beginner tot professional. Oefen je vaardigheden, verbeter je spel en versla je tegenstander om nieuwe bars vrij te spelen, nieuwe trofeeën te winnen en de ultieme Cue Club 2 kampioen te worden!

PC - Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP
Nederlands, Engels, Frans, Duits, Italiaans, Pools, Portugees, Russisch, Spaans
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20 mei 2019    DOWNLOADEN

Cue Club 2

Creditcard / betaalkaart


   Realistische simulaties en natuurlijk balgedrag
   Speel 8-ball, 9-ball, 10-ball, 6-ball, 7-ball, Snooker, Speed pool en Killer
   Speltypen Toernooi, Baruitdaging, twee spelers, Multiplayer en oefenen
   Volledig zelf in te stellen regels
   Grote verscheidenheid aan tafels, keuen en ballensets
   6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 en 12 ft tafels
   Geavanceerde A.I. routines voor natuurlijk spelverloop
   Herhaling op 3 verschillende snelheden met optie tot opslaan
   Hall of fame met trofee en beste scores
   Selectie van 9 coole jazzmuziek
   15 stijlvolle personages om tegen te spelen
   2D / 3D-weergave
   Volledige controllerondersteuning
   Ondersteunt touchscreen
   Volledige HD-weergave (1920 x 1080), Ultrawide en 4K-monitoren
   Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP
Cue Club 2Cue Club 2Cue Club 2
Cue Club 2Cue Club 2Cue Club 2
Cue Club 2Cue Club 2Cue Club 2
Cue Club 2Cue Club 2Cue Club 2
Cue Club 2Cue Club 2Cue Club 2
Cue Club 2Cue Club 2Cue Club 2
Cue Club 2Cue Club 2Cue Club 2

"The balls are shiny, smooth, and realistic; the tabletops and rails look fantastic as well, and everything gives off the perfect feeling of playing pool inside a lounge/bar/basement. Cue Club 2 is a great game… Everything’s done right, with features that go above and beyond your standard pool simulation, and shows off the studio’s ability to craft games with great physics. I can safely recommend Cue Club 2 over any other pool simulator that’s currently on market."
Mouse n Joypad Magazine - 4 Stars

"Just treated myself to Cue Club 2. It's a beautifully crafted game and a very accurate simulation. The computer opponents play a good honest game and make sensible shot choices."
T. Grice

"To all the Cue Club followers: I'm an avid pool player since the age of seven. A little over ten years ago I found Cue Club on a gaming website. I purchased it and immediately fell in love with the game. It's the most realistic pool simulation ANYWHERE. I've been waiting for the upgrade very impatiently and finally got it. It's a very well programmed game, smooth and user friendly. On a scale of 1 to 10... a 15. Get it - you won't regret it. Highly recommended for all you pool sharks. The customer service is top notch too. If you need any help the team are on top of it and will resolve any questions or queries immediately."
Luis Aponte

"HD brings the game to life. Running it on my 24" screen at 1920 x 1080 the graphics are pin-sharp and the balls look amazing. Sound effects are authentic and the addition of quality music is a nice touch and really adds atmosphere. Easy to play with the mouse and looking forward to trying out the touchscreen option on my tablet. I expect to lose a lot of hours at work playing this!"
Peter Watson

"Plenty of customization on offer. Loads of cues, ballsets and table designs to choose from. I play pool in real life and can say the physics are very accurate. It's even more realistic than the Cue Club 1. It retains all the key elements that made the original so good, and then improves it some more - a lot more. Definitely worth the upgrade."
Erika Dean

"This is a very easy to play game. I'm glad the top-down view was kept, as it is what I liked about the original so much. The whole family loved playing Cue Club and now we can all enjoy Cue Club 2. The new features like extra characters, colored chalk, and the save game option are a really nice touch. I cant afford or have space for a real pool table in my home so this is the next best thing, and I have a nice big monitor so that helps too!"

"This game gives you lots of features to play with. Cues, ball-sets and tables. Fast cloths, slow cloths, and every color under the sun. Everything can be customized. The music is pretty cool too. There's 10 trophies to win including awards for speed pool and snooker breaks. I like the ball and cue re-size option too. It would have been good to see this in Cue Club 1, so I'm glad it's been included in the new version."
Jason W.

"Runs like a dream. Got an old laptop with Windows XP and 256 MB of RAM, and a desktop PC running Windows 7 with 1 GB of RAM and no problems at all. Both machines deliver excellent framerate with full HD graphics."

"What I love about Cue Club 2 is not just the amazing gameplay, but the way it relaxes me. I can literally lose hours at the table. No other game has this affect on me. I'm delighted the sequel has finally arrived. Thank you to the team for making such a wonderful game and I can say it's definitely money well spent."
Katie Clarke

"It's Cue Club 2 on PC. What else do I need to say? I LOVED this game when it first came out in the early 2000s and I'm so happy the new version finally arrived. First impressions are great. The layout and controls have changed a bit and the table fills the screen now, but it gives you loads more space to line up shots and play. Physics feel good and the balls behave exactly as they should. You can perform some amazing trickshots too. Trust me, you wont find a better or more realistic pool and snooker sim anywhere. Highly recommend it!"
Gary Mason

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